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Inbound Sales Support

Aureon Contact Center offers inbound sales support to help you increase revenue.

Consumers aren’t always patient. If they call to request information, lodge a complaint, or say they’re ready to buy, it’s wise to be available so they don’t decide to take their business elsewhere. With a reliable connection and remote  call center agents available 24/7, you can count on Aureon Contact Center Solutions to provide the inbound sales support you need.

Inbound sales support is all about the customer. Our helpful and attentive agents listen to the consumer’s needs, pain points, inquiries, and goals. As opposed to an outbound sales method where agents contact cold leads, with inbound sales, buyers who are already familiar with your business contact our agents. By working with warm or even hot leads, inbound sales support can help you increase revenue and provide additional opportunities for cross- and up-selling.

At Aureon Contact Center Solutions, we learn about your culture and your product in order to become an extension of your company. When a buyer contacts us, our team of experts is ready to help educate, inform, and nurture them along their journey to becoming your customer.

When you work with the Aureon inbound call center, you can count on us to represent your organization with pride and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With us on board, your own sales team can focus on outreach and events.

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Aureon provides us with the responsiveness, adaptability, and work ethic that allows us to stay focused on running our business. There is immense value in working with genuine relationship-builders and Aureon really hits the mark.

This is the first time I’ve worked with a company (Aureon Contact Center) where I feel like this is my team. It doesn’t feel like you’re working with a third-party company. It feels like an extension of my organization.

Roger Lugo - Director of Business Operations and Customer Experience, SilverPoint Technologies

Our partnership with Aureon Contact Center has been perfect in many ways. The personal touch and feeling that you’re not dealing with a third-party goes a long way. Aureon Contact Center exceeds expectations.

Roger Lugo - Director of Business Operations and Customer Experience, SilverPoint Technologies

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